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SFX Update


  • New GUI updates
  • Extra data is now saved when logging SFX actions
  • Production Save As… re-introduced
  • Save will automatically create back copies (user settable)
  • UDP Broadcast to all IPs on network using as remote address
  • User manuals/guides moved to
  • Windows 8 support
  • New error reporting engine

Bug Fixes

  • MIDI Exception when changing opened MIDI devices
  • Serial Ports not correctly working with multiple COM Ports
  • Serial Ports not correctly mapped between different computers when moving shows
  • Resolved: Fixed connection error when trying to send the first Telnet Effect
  • Resolved: Crash on exit after opening a show that is corrupted
  • Resolved: Switching between .SFX and .SFX7 files would leave a prior show file open
  • Resolved: Archive Production not working w/ new .SFX7 formated files
  • Resolved: Cue order wasn't correct if you drag/dropped a cue in a list and immediately ran the squence before adding a new cue.
  • Resolved: Window View. Added a cue list delete warning message when you close a cue list by pressing on the X
  • Resolved: Drag Sound Effect from toolbox, the Title wouldn't change if the filename changed (only if title wasn't dirty)
  • Printing DLLs missing from install
  • MAJOR: Fixed bug where Volume Effects would become linked

NOTE: We found a long lasting bug that affected some users however was present in all versions of SFX for some time. Due to this discovery and our commitment to our customers, we are extending this version to all users whether you have a current subscription or not.

Please email your current serial number to Expired subscription will be extended to download and install this version. Current subscriptions will be extended by two months.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! : This will be the LAST version that will support Windows XP Home. Windows XP Pro will continue to be supported until Microsoft discontinues support for it in early 2014.

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